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the OM place has been spreading the joy of wellness for over 14 years. We offer movement classes for all levels, from beginning and restorative yoga classes to a popular resistance training class called OM Fit. We offer private yoga therapy, massage therapy, thai bodywork, personal training, and nutritional consulting . Stop by and see what yoga can do for your body, mind, and soul.

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Negative Self-Talk

When I’m really tired or stressed, I crave carbohydrates. Slice after slice of just-from-the-oven sourdough bread dipped in salted butter, washed down by red wine (often drunk straight from the bottle). And every bite tastes amazing. It feels great….until it doesn’t. The next morning, I’ll invariably have a bloated belly, a foggy head, and no energy […]


Spring officially begins today! Hooray! The end of winter brings about so many rituals. We turn off the heat, throw open the windows and breathe in those first scents of spring-warm rain, budding tulips, grass greens and fresh soil. We fold up our wool sweaters and tuck them away, making room for lighter fabrics and […]


Silence is not the absence of sound, but the absence of noise. Noise is unwanted sound. The word “noise” is derived from the Latin word “nausea,” meaning seasickness. Really fitting, huh? Breathing, birdsong, rain, and wind are sounds. Traffic, construction equipment, ringing cellphones, loud talking, and other unwanted sounds are noises. The problem with noise […]