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the OM place has been spreading the joy of wellness for over 14 years. We offer movement classes for all levels, from beginning and restorative yoga classes to a popular resistance training class called OM Fit. We offer private yoga therapy, massage therapy, thai bodywork, personal training, and nutritional consulting . Stop by and see what yoga can do for your body, mind, and soul.

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Cosmic Wink or Just Neural Wiring?

I recently saw a picture of a fjord in Norway. I was spellbound at the beauty. And then, seemingly, everyone started talking about Norway. It came up several times over the course of a few weeks, that feeling that Norway was having a moment, that the Universe was sending me a personal message. I was […]

Breaking Your Heart is Blessing Your Heart

As a therapeutically-inclined yoga teacher, I work with lots of people who are in the process of healing broken bones and joint replacements. I remind them that healing takes time and energy and that injured bones and tendons actually repair themselves stronger than before. The heart is like that too. I don’t mean the physical […]

Hibernating for Survival

Winter is upon us. Though we’re actually gaining one more minute of daylight each day, my soul feels as if winter shall never end. This is the time of year when animals find a warm, cozy den to wait out the coldest months. Taking our cues from nature, my family nested our sun room into […]