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Yoga teachers and wellness experts Erin Smith and Andra Sewalls have inspired thousands of real women to find more wholeness and balance in their lives. They’re excited to take their message off the mat and into the hands of other badass women aged forty and beyond in finding health, purpose, and balance within the chaos of their full, amazing lives.

Their wisdom will guide you to wholeness through four life areas. Perfect doesn’t exist and the process of healthy balance is on going. Learn to navigate that process by Following the Four:

Invite: Learn to set intentions, meditate, and invite more gratitude and peace into your life, while releasing negative self-talk.

Digest: Restore your body’s natural balance and learn which foods nourish your best self.

Move: Turn back the clock through yoga, weight training, and gentle cardiovascular movement.

Rest: Maximize your body’s natural healing potential through the power of deep sleep, restorative yoga, and inviting more fun into your life.

Sensible Wellness is not a diet, a detox, or a 21-day plan. It instead offers a holistic, long-term approach to making smart, balanced choices towards health, happiness, and longevity. Entwining funny, personal stories with real, practical advice, Sensible Wellness is a love letter to women who want to feel truly alive. Find out more at