Erin Smith, ERYT, MLS, CNT, author

Erin Smith, ERYT500, CNT, MLS, is a Raconteur of Badassery. The author of Sensible Wellness for Women, she wants everyone to make friends with meditation, eat real food, move their bodies, and hit the pillow a little earlier. She shares mindfulness, yoga, and nutrition in classes, workshops, retreats, and online at the OM place Channel. When she’s not standing on her head, she enjoys being a wife, mother, dancer, reader, flower sniffer, entrepreneur, guitar player, and wine drinker. She loves peonies, books that move her to tears, and crushing her bucket list. She plans to be a bird in her next life. Send her an e-high five at

Judy Ridings, RYT

Judy is naturally drawn to opportunities for laughter, learning & growth, particularly those related to health and wholeness. Her own experience of the energizing, calming, strengthening, balancing benefits of yoga fuels her enthusiasm and passion for sharing practice with others through teaching. Off the mat, you can find this wife to George and mom to daughters Caroline and Emily digging in her garden, experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen, exploring farmers’ markets & locally-owned restaurants, reading a great book, and playing the piano and singing.   Although she especially loves preparing healthy, organic meals, she’s been known to lure friends and family to their home with baked goods and her famous sweet tea.

Maggie Whitford, RYT

Maggie has studied yoga for many years. She mixes her love for fun and fitness with elements essential for an invigorating yet calming yoga experience. Her goal is to ensure a class full of poses and postures appropriate for all levels of yoga that encourages you to find your own sense of humor and fun in every position that yoga has to offer. Off the mat, Maggie is an avid runner and has a well-known desire for all things chocolate (especially Frank’s chocolate covered donuts)! If stranded on a desert island, Maggie would like to have “my husband, a book on how to get off a deserted island, and probably a book on how to survive your spouse until you get off a deserted island”.

Krystal Clark, RYT

2010 graduate of the OM place 200 hour program, is a spirited instructor on the mat and off. She spends her days teaching ESL to middle and high school students in Bourbon County. Yoga brings balance and flexibility to her and she loves to share that with others. As a yoga teacher, she finds laughter and breath can heal most anything.  Krystal is passionate about Immigration Reform-rights for students to attend college, receive financial assistance, and work in the field of their choices. When she wins the lottery, Krystal plans to donate the money to aid litigation efforts of her migrant and ESL students in gaining citizenship. When not relaxing in pigeon, she enjoys hanging out with her loving husband and amazing step-daughter.

Sarah Montgomery, RYT

Sarah is a life long learner and enthusiastic about making yoga accessible to everyone. She was drawn to yoga as a tool to balance her life and to get more out of every day moments. Joining the OM Place in August 2016, she teaches a Restorative Yoga class on Wednesdays, which will be the perfect check in and reset during the middle of the week. When she is not spreading the joys of yoga, she works full time at the University of Kentucky as a Career Advisor, enjoys lots of pasta, and practices her cello.

Lauren Mink Frazier

Lauren Mink Frazier is an insurance agent by day and new momma by night, yet she still finds time for self-care. Join her on Tuesday nights for OM fit. Catch her on the weekends fronting the Lauren Mink Band.

Erin Royal, LPP, RYT

Erin completed teacher training at the OM place in 2009 and currently teaches the Slow Stretch class at the OM place. She also leads a 2-hour restorative yoga class, usually offered twice a year and sometimes referred to as a “guided Sunday nap”. These classes are perfect for all-level students in need of a quiet practice. Erin is a Licensed Psychological Practitioner and has a special interest in the benefits of yoga for stress reduction and overall improved mental health. This drives her passion for introducing and sharing yoga outside the studio walls by volunteering at a VA Medical Center and incorporating yoga into her work as an adolescent therapist in a community mental health center. For Erin, yoga is “an essential nutrient in my life. It is how I nourish my body, thoughts, feelings, and spirituality. My home practice is my favorite place to breathe, think, feel and pray”. Whatever the yoga class, Erin offers the gifts of a relaxing presence, a mindfulness of individual needs, a sense of humor, and an inspiration to cultivate yoga principles off the mat. When it’s time for a little self-care, Erin can be found reading, writing, walking with Scout-the-dog-Royal or just enjoying some hugs and laughs with her husband.

Cindy Reed

Cindy Reed is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters Degree from the University of Kentucky. She practices Yoga with a Heart Open Philosophy- a commitment to use the physical practice of Yoga to cultivate joy and increased energy – opening to the beauty and opportunity of the world in front of us. Cindy has been teaching Yoga since 2003 and her Teacher Training background includes study with Judith Lasater, Angela Farmer and Amanda McMaine. Her Yoga instruction is mindfulness based, basic level and focused on breath awareness- while building flexibility and strength in a nurturing environment. Cindy’s clinical practice focuses on reducing the symptoms of anxiety and PTSD and she is retained on staff at the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center for this expertise. Private/ individual sessions are among the services that she offers at the OM place, using the practices of mindfulness and yoga to move clients toward personal goals and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

David Smith, MSPT

David is a Physical Therapist with a specialization in Orthopedics, as well as a Massage Therapist. He currently works at the local hospital with the elderly and is known for providing hope to patients and their families in times of crisis and need. He has studied yoga for 18 years and uses his knowledge of deep tissue bodywork, Myofascial Release, and kinesio taping in his bodywork. A runner and tennis player, David’s bodywork is perfect for injured athletes looking to get back in their game. When he’s not in down dog, you can usually find him on the couch, listening to fusion jazz and rooting on the Miami Dolphins.