Mindfulness Facilitator Certification

100 hour training

Offered by Erin Royal of Barefoot Works and Erin Smith of theOMplace

Calm. Connected. Compassionate. Certified.

You will:

  • Deepen your understanding of mindfulness 
  • Expand your personal mindfulness practice
  • Feel confident in teaching mindfulness to others
  • Understand how to teach safely using trauma-informed practices
  • Be able to add a mindfulness qualification to your resume

What You’ll Learn:

  • What mindfulness is. What it isn’t. 
  • Origins of mindfulness
  • The science and application of breath
  • Interoception: cultivating awareness and using anchors
  • How to guide meditation: breath, body scan, sound, thoughts, and emotions
  • How to guide a trauma-informed nidra practice
  • The biology and psychology of stress
  • Mindfulness and stress reactivity
  • Your brain on mindfulness: neuroplasticity
  • Trauma-Informed practices to keep your students safe
  • Somatics and mindfulness: yoga, walking, shaking, tapping, etc.
  • Fascia and the nervous system
  • Cultivating compassion: Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Mindfulness in everyday life
  • Adapting practices for special populations: anxiety, depression, teens, addiction, chronic pain 
  • Understanding and navigating the nervous system and relationships through the lens of the polyvagal theory

What To Expect:

  • Science. From the brain to lungs to the vagus nerve, you will get to know the nervous system intimately.
  • Stillness. Expect two 20-minute meditation practices every day, some guided and some to cultivate personal insight. A daily meditation practice on your own is expected. 
  • Movement. Each day will include somatic experiencing, from gentle yoga to fascia rolling to neurogenic tremoring.
  • Silence. We will spend an entire day in deep contemplation, sometimes moving and sometimes being still. This day will include mindful eating, mindful walking on the beautiful hiking trails on theOMplace studio grounds, and other guided mindfulness experiences. 
  • Journaling. Writing prompts to cultivate insight will be utilized. 

Who It Is For:

  • Mental health practitioners
  • Educators interested in bringing sustainable SEL practices to their schools
  • Yoga teachers interested in offering safe, trauma-informed classes
  • Corporate managers looking to improve workplace climate and job retention
  • Professionals looking to improve their leadership skills
  • Caregivers at risk of compassion fatigue, secondary trauma, and burnout 
  • Anyone with a high stress job or lifestyle
  • Athletic directors and/or coaches

Required Reading:

Practicing Mindfulness: 75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday by Michael Sockolov

Dates and Location for 2022:

8:00-6:00 pm

September 10-11

September 24-25

October 22-23

November 5-6

80 hours in-person

20 hours experiential (personal practice and reading)

2 campuses:

Barefoot Works, Chinoe Drive Lexington, KY

the OM place, Quisenberry Lane, Winchester, KY

The best of both worlds! Barefoot is conveniently located near great restaurants, shopping, and hotels. the OM place is located half an hour away in the rolling hills of horse country, on ten acres of field and forest. Both are 10-15 minutes from I-64 and I-65. 



($200 deposit, $500 payment due each training weekend)

$2000 if paid in full at time of enrollment