What We Offer


new student special: 30 days unlimited for $30

5 class card $55

10 class card $100

20 class card $180

unlimited yearly $1000

walk-in $15

other appointments:

private, therapeutically-inclined yoga session $75 (10 for $700)

personal training session $65 (10 for $600)

thai bodywork session (60 min.) $75

thai bodywork session (90 min.) $100


Yoga consciously links movement with mindful breathing for a sweet, yet challenging, practice. Emphasis is placed on mindful movement through the fundamental postures, core strength, balance, and breath. Explores movement patterns to increase flexibility, strength and well-being. Students are led through stretches, yoga postures and breathing practices, and then guided into deep relaxation. Appropriate for men & women of all levels. Everyone welcome!

Price: regular class fees apply

Hot Power Flow

Hot Power Flow is part vinyasa flow, part resistance training, all performed in a room heated 80-90 degrees. Be prepared to sweat and detox as we move through core work, heat-building vinyasa sequences and arm balances, before unwinding with some deep stretches to wrap it up. This class will ignite your metabolism and spark your joy. Hot Power Flow is dynamic, challenging, and strong. Not appropriate for beginners. Come to class well-hydrated and ready to sweat. Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00 and Saturday mornings from 8:30-9:30.

Price: normal class fees apply

OM fit

OM fit is a low-impact, high-energy workout that combines agility, cardio, resistance training, and core work to build and tone muscle. This program supplements your yoga practice to improve your overall health and appearance. Lively music and the ever-changing use of dumbbells, balls, resistance tubing, and your own body weight keep it interesting and fun!

Price: regular class fees apply

Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions are available by appointment for beginners, students with specific injuries or illness, or anyone looking to deepen their practice. Includes some bodywork and/or kinesiotaping. Text 859.771.7277 to schedule.

Price: $75 per session, or 10 sessions for $700

Personal Training Sessions

Your one-hour personal training session includes personalized exercises to strengthen and lengthen all the major muscle groups, breathing exercises, mindfulness training, and some relaxing thai bodywork stretches at the end for a balance of stability and mobility in your body. We will help you set realistic goals and keep you accountable and motivated to attain those goals. We’ll perfect your form and educate you on how the body, mind & spirit work as a unit. You won’t get THAT sort of attention from the mega-gyms!

$65 an hour or $600 for 10 sessions. Text 859.771.7277 to schedule.

Price: $65 an hour, or $600 for 10 sessions

Thai Bodywork Sessions

Thai Bodywork combines assisted yoga stretches and compression to open the joints and release the connective tissue in the body. Benefits include gentle muscle stretching, increased flexibility, deep relaxation, improved posture, joint mobility and energy levels. Thai Bodywork has a vast array of techniques. The bodyworker uses her hands, feet, legs, knees and elbows to free the tension held within your body. You remain fully clothed. $70 for an hour and $100 for 90 minutes. Text 859.771.7277 to schedule.

Price: $70 per session. Add-on Kinesio Taping for $10 (first tape free).