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the OM place has been helping people escape the hustle and calm the crazy for almost two decades. Our warm & welcoming staff offers yoga & mindfulness classes for all levels in a gorgeous, eco-conscious studio set in the rolling hills of Kentucky’s Horse Country. We empower our yoga family through mindful movement and strength-building classes, online classes, personalized therapeutic sessions, thai bodywork sessions, personal training, wellness retreats and Central Kentucky’s most established Yoga Teacher Training program.

Join the family. Swing by and see how yoga & mindfulness will empower your best life.

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the OM channel

OM at home! the OM channel offers professionally-filmed online yoga and mindfulness classes taught by experienced, certified yoga teachers. the OM channel is designed to share stellar yoga instruction at an affordable price. Anytime. Anywhere. On any device. So when you're schedule isn't that flexible, you still can be.

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Eric Clapton Broke My Heart

My guitar teacher Steve thumbed through the folder that contained all of the songs I have learned to play in the last decade.  “Let’s do Wonderful Tonight,” he suggested. Izzie set down her acoustic and plugged her electric into the amp. Together we do a killer cover. But not today. I crossed my arms across […]

Trickster Gods

I received a letter in the mail recently from a young earth creationist who was incensed about a recent article I published that stated that Homo Sapiens have been around for about 200,000 years. The letter chastised me for being “a godless sinner,” and perhaps my recent misfortunes were warranted. It helpfully informed me that […]

The Great Resignation

If you die tomorrow, your job will be posted before your obituary. ~an online meme    More Americans have left their jobs in the last four months than at any other time in our history. 4.3 million people quit in August alone. Economists have dubbed this era the Great Resignation. For more than half of […]