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the OM place has been helping people escape the hustle and calm the crazy for almost two decades. Our warm & welcoming staff offers yoga & mindfulness classes for all levels in a gorgeous, eco-conscious studio set in the rolling hills of Kentucky’s Horse Country. We empower our yoga family through mindful movement and strength-building classes, online classes, personalized therapeutic sessions, thai bodywork sessions, personal training, wellness retreats and Central Kentucky’s most established Yoga Teacher Training program.

Join the family. Swing by and see how yoga & mindfulness will empower your best life.

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the OM channel

OM at home! the OM channel offers professionally-filmed online yoga and mindfulness classes taught by experienced, certified yoga teachers. the OM channel is designed to share stellar yoga instruction at an affordable price. Anytime. Anywhere. On any device. So when you're schedule isn't that flexible, you still can be.

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Learning to Love My Body: Part Two

Last week I told the story of how I learned to hate my body. If you missed it, don’t worry about it. It’s no more interesting than the moment every adolescent girl has that triggers over 90% of us to feel deeply dissatisfied with our bodies as adults. The same old story that causes 80% […]

Learning to Hate My Body: Part One

I was sitting in freshman math class when I learned to hate my thighs. As a child, I thought my body was beautiful. My legs could propel me through a back tuck, where you start standing, flip backwards in the air and land on your feet again. They could somersault off the high dive and […]

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I accompanied my eighth-grade daughter Izzie last week to freshman orientation at the high school. This was an opportunity for the 8th graders to tour GRC and speak with teachers about which “educational track” they might pursue. Basically, it was to get the students thinking about The Question. You know the one I mean. What […]